Salem Republicans Seek to Expand

Committee looks to grow its ranks in crucial Presidential election year

Salem, Virginia, February 3rd, 2016

The Salem Republican Committee is looking to build upon interest in this year’s presidential election. Historically, local political committees endure a decline in membership and interest during the “off” years between major elections, and Salem is no exception. With the wide variety of candidates seeking the Republican Party nomination this year, and Virginia’s role as a swing state, interest in the Republican Party is beginning to surge to its four-year peak.

“Last year was what we would call an ‘off-off’ year with no Presidential or state-wide elections. The committee activity and membership is typically at its lowest during those years,” explained Stuart Bain, the current chair of the Salem Republican Committee. “What we are hoping to see is a groundswell of interest in the Republican Party to help ensure a victory in November, but it all starts with electing Committee members and a new Committee Chair at our February 18th mass meeting.”

The Republican Party of Virginia requires all local units to re-elect the Committee’s leadership and the entire Committee membership every two years. “We accept and elect new members between mass meetings, but the mass meeting is where we reconstitute the Committee and start planning for November,” said Bain. In addition, the mass meeting participants will elect the Republican nominees for Salem’s City Council elections, its delegates to the Ninth Congressional District Republican Convention, and its delegates to statewide Republican Party Convention. Decisions made by the delegates to the conventions will impact Republican nominations in future elections.

Registered Salem voters interested in the Mass Meeting, joining the Committee, running for Salem City Council as the Republican nominee, or attending the Republican conventions as delegates have until noon on February 10th, 2016 to pre-file. The Official Call and registration forms for the mass meeting are available on the Committee website at


Press contact:
Stuart Bain
Chair, Salem Republican Committee

Stuart Bain